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Wednesday Class Participates in an Exchange

Niiharu Satoyama Park・Niiharu Civil Forest

2022.10.19 Ms.Yang Mei In(Malaysia)

On October 19th, we went hiking at the Niiharu Civil Forest and experienced digging for satsumaimo (Japanese sweet potato). Niiharu Civil Forest is specially protected thanks to the efforts of volunteers. My first impression was that the forest was beautiful and surrounded by rich nature.

Photo① Listening to an explanation from the guide in the bamboo grove

We were walking cautiously, taking care to not fall because the ground was slippery from the rain the day before. As we walked, the bamboo grove expanded and soothed us. The air also felt fresh.

Photo② Digging for satsumaimo (Japanese sweet potato)

After hiking, we dug for satsumaimo in a nearby field. We worked really hard to dig up the soil. We were able to dig up all sorts of potatoes: round, long, big and small ones. The satsumaimo we harvested were divided among the group to take home.

Photo③ When taking a group photo, it was all masks off and peace signs!        

The time we spent together was a valuable experience and really fun.


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