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Japanese Language Class (Thursday Class) Exchange Event: Nogeyama Zoological Gardens

Due to the coronavirus, the Thursday class was unable to hold any exchange events. However, on October 23rd, 2022, we were able to hold the first one in a while.

We went to Nogeyama Zoological Gardens with 11 members in total, including learners and volunteers, while also taking precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Although the zoo is small, there were various kinds of animals there, and both children and adults could have fun.

The weather on the day of the event was great, and the adults were able to have a good time by returning to a child-like state of mind.

Ms. Betty’s (a student) thoughts:

Since the zoo is small, we were able to see all of it, which was good. I had a great time with my friend’s family and the teacher!



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