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Japanese Class (Wednesday Class) Exchange Event

On October 18th, 2023, we had an exchange event for the Japanese Wednesday class. We welcomed Ms. Mutsumi Honda, a furoshiki coordinator, and learned how to use furoshiki from her. Everyone chose a furoshiki they liked and wrapped various items such as tissue boxes and plastic bottles in it.  Forty-six people including learners and volunteers participated and had a great time while experiencing Japanese culture.

Participating in the Wednesday Class Exchange Event “Furoshiki wrapping class”

Hélène Guillitte (Belgium)

I have been studying at the Aoba International Lounge for one year and a half.  I had learned about many things there, but this was the first time for me learning furoshiki. A beautiful female teacher came. She is a kimono and furoshiki teacher and taught us about furoshiki. At first, I thought that furoshiki would be difficult, but I was wrong. Once you remember the two knots, it's easy. Furoshiki can be used for many things. It can be used to decorate lunch boxes, key holders, and tissue boxes. Plus, it's convenient for carrying bags and plastic bottles. We even made a kimono-style plastic bottle cover. It was so cute.

 I also found it interesting that the origin of furoshiki comes from the folding of clothes in public baths. I learned a lot while having fun. Depending on the situation, you need a large or small one, and sometimes you also need a double-sided furoshiki. The flexibility of furoshiki also differs depending on the material. All furoshikis are wonderful. Now I want to buy them all and use them myself. I also received furoshiki from the Aoba International Lounge. I am very thankful.


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