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Japanese Class (Wednesday Class) Exchange Event

On Wednesday, March 13th, we held a Japanese Wednesday class social gathering. We all went to see the Otsuka ruins and ancient tombs in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama, and an old house built about 200 years ago.

The Tsuzuki area has flourished since ancient times. There are ruins and ancient tombs here and there, some of which have not been demolished and are carefully preserved. A total of 44 people, including students and volunteers, visited this historical park.

Otsuka ruins, located in the historical park, are the remains of houses of people who lived around 2000 years ago, during what is called the Yayoi period. Traces of ingenuity can be seen here and there. A museum staff member explained to us about life at that time. We also visited the ancient tombs, which are the graves of people who lived at Otsuka ruins. We also received an explanation of how graves were built at that time.

There is also an old folk house in the historical park. It was built in the late Edo period. As it is an Edo period building, a house from about 200 years ago is very different from today. The tatami room, sliding doors, hearth for cooking, waterwheel, tea room, and more have been preserved just as they were in the past. Here too, we received explanations from an expert, which gave us an idea of what life was like 200 years ago.

The last part of the event was a quiz competition in the square. The rain from the previous day, which we were worried about, stopped by midnight, and we all had a pleasant time.


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