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After School Tutoring Program Presentation Event 2022/12/21

For this event, the children in the program presented karuta (traditional Japanese playing cards) that they made.

First, each person showed the efuda (picture card) that they made and then read the yomifuda (reading card) aloud.

Next, the children took questions from the audience. The children thought hard before answering the many questions they received.

After the presentations, the children were split into two different groups and played with the karuta that they created.

Every child played with a serious expression on their face as they tried to find the picture cards. Gameplay was very exciting.

Lastly, they played a treasure hunt game.

Participants were split into two teams and each team came up with a quiz about the different places where treasure was hidden. 

The team who was able to find all the treasure received candy as a prize.

The children were extremely happy and had a great time.


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