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7th International Exchange Event

“Junior International Cultural Exchange with Delicious Japanese Sweets”

On Sunday, July 30, 2023, "Junior International Cultural Exchange with Delicious Japanese Sweets" was held.

Three friends from Bangladesh and 17 friends from Japan made two types of nerikiri, summery sunflowers and morning glories.

Under the guidance of Mr. Nanjo, the representative of the NPO Hannari Wagashi Labo, most of the children were able to create unique and wonderful pieces, even though this was their first experience.

The adults who were helping the children complete so much work in such a limited amount of time were impressed, and I think the children also felt a sense of accomplishment.

Afterward, we divided into groups and took quizzes about Japanese sweets.

We had a lively discussion and exchanged opinions, deepening our relationship.

I too felt happy when I saw the smiling faces of the children taking their cherished works home as souvenirs.


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