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78th Afternoon Tea  

Land of blue skies and grasslandsMongolia

- A country that seems far away but is close -

Date and time: Sunday, December 3, 2023, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Venue: Inside Aoba Ward Resident Exchange Center

Sponsored by: Yokohama City Aoba International Exchange Lounge

Guest speaker: Mr. Byambadorji Buyantgotoho

After spending his elementary school years in Japan and middle and high school in Mongolia, he studied abroad at Yokohama National University and is currently busy working at a Japanese company. I was able to hear very interesting stories about festivals, nomadic lifestyles based on coexistence with nature without wasting the blessings of nature, and life in ger.

In addition, Mr. Buyant performed two pieces on the horse-head qin, which is an intangible cultural property of Mongolia.

The venue erupted in applause for the wonderful performance, which was reminiscent of the wind blowing through the Mongolian grasslands and the sound of galloping horses' hooves.

At the Q&A corner, the questions from the participants continued without interruption, and I could sense the high level of interest in the participants.I was also impressed by the thoroughness with which Mr. Buyant answered in fluent Japanese. It was very popular, with comments such as ``It made me feel very close to Mongolia.''


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