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10th Takahashi Sensei's English Conversation Skills Improvement Course

“Thinking English ~The secret to approaching English-likeness~”

Date and time: October 2, 2022 (Sunday) 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Venue: Aoba Ward Resident Exchange Center

Lecturer: Motoharu Takahashi, Professor, Toyo Eiwa University

This is the 10th time for the always popular English skill improvement course. 24 people attended and listened to Mr. Takahashi's talk.

Ms. Takahashi gives lectures from various perspectives based on her extensive experience teaching English.

This time's perspective is "anthropomorphism."

In other words, there is a difference in perspective between a Japanese person who uses humans as a subject and says ``I'm not hungry.'' and an English native who uses ``stomach'' as a subject and says ``My stomach doesn't want food.'' .

It's an interesting story about how even a simple statement like "I'm not hungry" can have different perspectives and different expressions due to cultural differences! The two hours went by quickly and I learned a lot about the differences in expressions.

Her lectures are highly satisfying and have many repeat visitors.

It seems that there are many people who have become even more interested in English or want to re-learn English because of this series, and it can be said to be one of the highlights of the Aoba International Exchange Lounge.

Due to strict restrictions on the number of people in the venue, staff members were also able to watch the event via Zoom in a separate conference room.

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