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Guide to supplementary Japanese language classes for children


When?     Date and Time

Every Wednesday  

from 16:00  to  17:30 for Children one year younger than the first grader and                                                                   elementary  school students.

 from 17:45  to 19:15 for Junior high school students   


Where?      Place

 Aoba International Lounge   :   Meeting room #4 & #5

 (in front of Tana station on the Denentoshi Line).



To whom  ?     Eligibility 

Children who have loots in foreign countries

(Children 1 year before entering elementary school, elementary school students, and  junior high school students)


What to learn?   Study assignment

Supplementary lessons for local school study  and Japanese language study.

We also hold participant exchange meetings and learning presentations.


Cost?         Entry fee

  Free of charge


where to contact?       Inquiries 

 Aoba International Lounge

 TEL:045-989-5266 FAX:045-982-0701

 E-mail :



Annual schedule      2024/April~2025/March

This is a supplementary study class for children with ties to foreign countries from one year before entering elementary school to third year of junior high school.

You will study Japanese and do your school homework together with the volunteers.

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