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​Japanese Class, Volunteer Recrut


Japanese language classes and children's supplementary learning classes are planned and operated by Japanese language volunteers who are registered with the lounge's Japanese language committee.


Volunteers in Japanese language classes are required to choose one class from Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday classes, and are renewed annually.


Every Wednesday, volunteers at the Children's Supplementary Learning Class teach school homework and Japanese to junior high school students who are connected to foreign countries, starting one year before they start school. It is an annual renewal system.


Regarding new recruitment, an information session will be held in the lounge after information has been announced through the ward's public relations, etc.


Japanese language class: In principle, we will hire people who are 18 years old or older, whose native language is Japanese, who have taken the introductory Japanese volunteer course sponsored by our lounge, who have experience as a Japanese language teacher, and who can work year-round.


Supplementary learning class for children: Those who are 18 years of age or older, whose native language is Japanese, and who like children are welcome.


As club members, Japanese language volunteers participate in the management of Japanese language groups and classes, as well as in projects carried out by the lounge as a whole.

・In terms of Japanese language committees and class management, there are committee officers, class committee members, treasurers, learner coordinators, training, library supplies, Japanese speech contests, social gatherings, etc.

・The lounge as a whole is responsible for the center festival, home page editing, etc., and events such as the ward festival.

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