Date: July 18 (Sat) from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room No5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speakers
Mrs. Gole Maryam
She studied art at Teheran Assad University and came to Japan after her marriage to Mr.Siamak.  She has held her personal exhibition both in Iran and inJapan.



Mr. Siamak
He studied English and literature at Teheran University and came to Japan to study Japanese in 1998. He is now working as a translator and an English teacher in Japan.


In 57th afternoon tea, we had Mr. and Mrs. Siamak and Gole Maryam.  They made a presentation titled “What kind of country is Iran” showing video.  
They told us about Iran which we usually don’t have chance to learn about.
Starting from the geometric shape of Iran, which is similar to that of Persian cat, their presentation covered wide range of interests, such as history and ethnic group, geometry including desert/high mountains more than 5000m and weather, world heritages, native costumes, wedding ceremony, musical instruments, diet culture, and festivals.
There was an exhibition of Persian carpets and tiles together with explanation about them too. We also enjoyed performance of drum play.  This was a very good occasion for us to learn the charm of Iran.
Mrs. Gole Maryam treated us, all audience, with Iranian desserts made of her hand-made rosewater during break time.  We heard many voices of “Taste delicious!”

After the break, they answered to each question politely and at the end they wrote the name of participants in Persian letters.

We hope this event could switch on your interest in Iran.
Thank you very much.