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13th Citizen Exchange Center Festival

Date and time: Thursday, November 23, 2017 (holiday) 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Venue: Inside the Citizens Exchange Center and Tana Station Square/Adjacent Parking Lot Inquiries: Aoba Ward Resident Exchange Center TEL 045-989-5265 Sponsored by Citizen Exchange Center Festival Executive Committee The Citizen Exchange Center Festival, held on November 23rd every year, is a place for local people to interact, with international performances, booths from various local groups, and mock shops. Every time we have a corner introducing music and dance from different countries, this year we have Indonesian bamboo instruments, West African music, and Peruvian dance. Please enjoy the speeches from each country. There are also plenty of other fun areas for adults and children alike, including an in-house stamp rally, badge making, and origami classes. As usual, there is also a free tea service from around the world.

The 12th Citizen Exchange Center Festival

Date: November 23, 2016
Aoba Ward Citizen Exchange Center
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual General Meeting will be held in Yokohama next year,
Mainly playing traditional instruments from ADB participating countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia,
We have prepared a wide variety of programs.
At the annual stamp rally, children run around with all their might,
The smile when you get one of the many kinds of prizes was impressive.
The free tea service from each country was also well received.
I believe that through the Center Festival, I was able to contribute to international exchange in the region.

11th Citizen Exchange Center Festival

On November 23, 2015, we participated in the 11th Aoba Community Exchange Center Festival held at the Community Community Center. Indonesian bamboo instrument performance and Colombian dance full of international flavor. This year's new project is titled "Ethnic costumes from various countries." A spectacular "fashion show" of people from Bhutan, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam, Korea, and of course Japan. We all took pictures and had a great time. On the other hand, Japanese dance was popular among foreigners. We were able to provide beautiful kimonos and elegant dances. Also, the tea service from around the world is very busy all day long. Making badges with names written in the characters of various countries (Bhutan, Vietnam, China, Korea) is always a big hit with children. The origami class is a quiet space that doesn't feel like a festival. Children running around the exchange center are participating in a stamp rally to win luxurious prizes. The international exchange lounge was very crowded this year as well.

10th Citizen Exchange Center Festival

Aoba International Exchange Lounge also participated in the Center Festival. (November 23rd; Labor Thanksgiving Day) From all over the world: the performance of bamboo instruments by Indonesian students, the mysterious sound of Russia's Matryomin (an instrument), the brilliant belly dance of Belarusian dancers, There was also a mysterious koto performance from Japan, an origami class, a magic show, and an exhibition of paintings by children from around the world, which was a great success.

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